Hello LOSER!
Brand new music coming to your earsouls -
New Years Eve 2015/16
MLB will be at Goodfellas ringing in the new year with a new tune.
"Loser of the Year" will drop at midnight. A free download code will be give at the show.
We will have a camera crew capturing footage of the night to be used in the music video for Loser of the Year. 

Smile LOSER :) You might make it into our music video!


Saving Abel on deck Oct 5th - You coming?


Lita Ford at the Castle Theatre was AMAZING! Was a great show. Love the venue. Shout out to Jason Williams - You rock! :)
Couldn't resist:)))


Ron Keel was a fantastic turn out. The man has an incredible voice... still! We sang one of my favorites together - "Calm Before the Storm" - I'm still stoked from this show. I walked in the door and Ron Keel recognized me. Apparently he's been rocking my CD:) What?!

Class Act!!


Opening for Femme Fatale was a blast. Them bitch's rawked our britches. Go see them them if you have the chance. Tommy Lee's sista on the drums (she loves to talk shit about her bro btw:)
Was an honor to share the stage with them. FYI: They party hard.

Hi Dad:)


Jammed with Frank Hannon from Tesla once again. We are becoming buddies. Such a great dude. Looking forward to doing it again soon. He called me up to sing a stones tune with him. Grabbed my buddy Chris King too. We killed it - Ha! Tesla Fan forever.

Round 3


Can't tell you how exciting it was to open for Night Ranger! One of the best live bands you will ever see!!
Class act all the way. Great to see rock stars of their caliber keeping it real. Much love...

Bucket list check for John Massaglia :)


Jack Russell's Great White show was a great success. Looking forward to singing/writing with him again soon. Check out the song we did together of of Liberty n Justice called Monkey Dance.

TerBear :)


Frank Hannon Band, Brian Dennison and my full band—Michael Layne Band played a PACKED house at The Twisted Spoke Saloon on Saturday night. Was Fantastic!! What a great evening. Sunday night Frank and band came out to my "Open Mike Night" (open stage at The Twisted Spoke every Sunday night). What a incredible time. A lot of my musician friends came out to jam with him. ha! "One more song and then we'll leave." Livin the dream peeps. Indeed.

This just in... Michael Layne Band opening for STRYPER!! Nov 23rd at Bradley. Get tickets now from TicketMaster. We're "Calling on you!"


Opened for Jackyl Oct 5th. Was fantastic. Them boyz still gots it! I highly reccomend catching a show if you are a Jackyl fan. Nigel Dupree (Jesse's son was also serving up some tasty tunes. What a cool life that dude has had. Highlight of the night was watching tham jam a tune together. Gave me chills.
Wayland might have stole the show. Check this band out!
Brian Dennison - FINALLY -we got to do a show together. More to come for sure.
UGT and to all the other artists involved keep doing what you do. The scene needs you all. Much love.
Congrats to my boy squid and mandy on their nuptuals that night. wow!!

Thanks to everyone for the love and support!  
The live shows have been crazy busy, dance floors full and the fact that you're all
yelling out track numbers as requests has been amazing.
The response from everyone is... well... color me humbled. :)


What's new?
Thanks to everyone who came out to my CD Release Party last Saturday night. It was freaking incredible. I'm speechless, really... thank you for the support and love you all have shown.

The CD has been out a week and we've already had radio air time, interviews and various rockin' stuff presented to us... Can't spill the beans just yet... All I gotta say is prepare yourselves!!! ;)

Check out our events calendar... we have several shows coming up. We wanna see you! ;)


"Get Down" The final single from the album "It's Just Me" hits your ears today.
The album is complete -El Fin.
CD release party Sept 14th at the Spotlight Bar & Grill in Tremont -With SALIVA


It would help a ton if you could go to http://www.facebook.com/michaellayneband
and "Like Mike". Please and Thank You  :)

HUGE event!!! Michael Layne Band Official CD release party is September 14th! MLB will be opening up for Saliva. Tickets are $20 in advance and for every ticket purchased... you get my CD "It's Just Me" FREE!

Oct 5th MLB will be opening for Jackyl at 3 Sisters Park. Sharpen up your chainsaw!
For more information on that event, check out: www.rollinthunderbikerally.com

Songs are getting placed on local radio and internet radio stations worldwide.
World domination begins.

Music video production has also begun. If you see a camera rolling during a show
feel free to dive in and picture bomb me. You just might make it into a music video.



Arrrgh!!! We have some stuff to tell you!!
Exciting things happening for The Michael Layne Band!!

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

Anticipation is the best part of a surprise don'tcha think??  ;)

So in the mean time... can you "like mike" ?
Jump on over to facebook.com/michaellayneband and like me, please?


What a fantastic night! Thank you... each and every one of YOU who came out to the Castle Theatre tonight for the Bret Michaels / Michael Layne Band show. The highlight of the night for me was having all 1,000+ sing Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. Video's coming soon. What a special moment. Ahh... :)

The video production for "Step in Line" can begin now thanks to all of you as well. Look for it in the near future. Go to our facebook page and "LIKE" MIKE www.facebook.com/michaellayneband
Tag us in a photo.

Album is near completion!! ...Coming soon...

Special Announcement!

The Castle Theatre presents...

BRET MICHAELS with special guests:
The Michael Layne Band

Friday, June 28, 2013

Doors: 7pm / Show: 8pm

The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, IL
Tickets $35 available online:

My debut performance at THE HIGH NOTE was a great success Thursday. I love that place. Please support that venue. Saw many sweet faces there that I have not seen in a long time. Meet some sweet new friends too. What a great club.

It was an honor to open up for DORYDRIVE this past weekend. Got to party literally ALL NIGHT with the boys afterwards which was where the real show began! Check that band out right now. Great guys. Great music. Go buy their CD. You can thank me later. The vocal delivery on "Gravity" moves ME every time I hear it. Looking forward to doing another show with them possibly this summer. Details Coming soon... In the mean time check these guys out -


It was also a HUGE honor to finally meet the parents of baby Maddix and perform for his memorial benefit over the weekend. My heart has been bleeding for these people for months now. I can't tell you how amazing these people are. Every single person! I beleive they are still accepting donations. Here is the website if you would like to follow the story or make a donation. Special thanks to all of you. Thank you for loving my music and inviting me (and Jeremy Jett) to help you celebrate that little monster's life. It was truly an honor. I am more than willing to do anything I possibly can for all of you affected by this. Anyone that will donate $500 or more to this family can have my guitar. No I'm not kidding. Please help...