From the recording It's Just Me

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Chasing Butterflies

Oh won’t you take some time girl - take a walk with me
I hope you don’t mind if I stumble to my feet
Have a look in my eyes set those butterflies free
Come fly with me – oh fly with me

Now have you got the time to share a dance or 2 with me?
No I won’t mind hey both of your left feet
We’ll “flutterby” so no one else can see
You and me – oh you and me

Oh but if you wanna be free yeah
You know I won’t hold you back
So go on tell me to leave I dare you
Just realize I’m not other guys (oh hey… ha sorry guys)

I hope you’re not too shy girl sing along with me
Cause these butterflies might never want to leave
So take my hand tuck me deep inside your dreams
I’ll never leave – mmm no - I’ll never leave – mmm no

Something’s telling me baby
There ain’t no need to hold back
Now girl I don’t really mean to scare you
But don’t be surprised when you find me by your side
Mmm - by your side - oh yeah

Baby take my hand come on take a walk with me
Can I have this dance if I promise not to sing?
Michael-eye-duh-scopes want these butterflies free
Fly with me – just you and me – It’s like a dream – oh we’ll never leave
Like a dream – just you and me – oh Come fly with me